Song of the Week: You & I (Nobody In The World) by John Legend

OMG! This is such a beautiful song, it brought me to tears. I never thought that John could sing a more beautiful song than ‘All of Me’, but he blew it out of the water with You & I (Nobody In The World). It is a beautiful song that celebrates love in its purest form, having someone you love, regardless of how they look or how imperfect they are. It also celebrates the woman, her flaws and imperfections. It reminds women that no matter how unattractive or damaged you think you are, you are special and you mean the world to someone.

Listen to this song if you want a pick-me-up or you just want to hear the beautiful, melodious voice of the handsome John Legend. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Without further ado, here is an exquisite song, and my new favorite, You & I (Nobody In The World).

Hope You Enjoyed 🙂

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