Hey, I’m Marvia, Welcome to Simply Marvia!

Im a Jamaican, a Supernatural and Game of Thrones fanatic! I love learning, I love finding new ways of doing things, and I love reading/hearing person’s analysis of a particular thing or situation. I’m a lot of things, I’m the expected things: ambitious, independent, a strong Jamaican woman, caring, honest and kind, and I’m the not-so-expected things: I’m selfish/unsociable at times, hopelessly romantic, I LOVE to bake (although I don’t do It as often as I would want), I’m incredibly annoyed by narrow minded, extremely traditional people, women who buy ugly shoes (I just cannot fathom it) and fake, pretentious people.

I have an opinion about everything, I have a quirky, weird-ish taste about a lot of things and a lot of times, I hardly share them, because I do not have the platform to (there is so much you can do with Facebook), so I started this blog in September 2013 to share the things that interest me, things that I think needs to be talked about or highlighted.

About Blog

To put it in a nutshell, Simply Marvia is a representation of some of the various facets of my personality/life, my loves and interest. It is where I share my thoughts and opinions about:

      • DIY 
Jus Cuz – Random things of Interest
Edible Orgasm – Delicious Food
My Jamaica – Highlights of my Homeland
From My Vantage Point – My take on current/trending issues.

Feel free to leave a comment, follow or contact me. 

Looking forward to having you. 🙂


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