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What is so Terrible about the Terrible Twos?

My daughter, Aleana, is a vibrant twenty-seven-month-old toddler whose favourite word is No. Her favourite thing to do is to put her palms out and say, “no mummy, stop”! she loves to run all over the…

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Coconut Bread Pudding

The sweet smell of sweet potato pudding baking in the middle of the night is a treasured childhood memory. It was a time when everything was ok, my family was together and happy. Since becoming an…

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How to Cope With a Job you Hate

Before I landed the job I now have, I remember praying and asking God to grant me this opportunity. I remember feeling like this job would change my life, like all the things I was dreaming…

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Cinnamon Rolls

I have been baking for several years now; I am a self-taught baker who is not afraid to try new recipes. However, there are some recipes that I completely avoid, because they seem too complicated. Recipes…

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Five Things I Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the pandemic began, I was completely enthralled, knee-deep in breastfeeding and being a new mom with all the bells, whistles, and stress that came along with it. COVID-19 was very scary. I started worrying about…

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Jamaican Rice & Peas

There are certain things that scream Jamaica, things such as Reggae, jerk chicken, white sand beaches, and now… rice and peas. While Jamaican rice and peas may not be internationally renowned, rice and peas is a…

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Advice From My 25-Year-Old Self

 I was feeling nostalgic recently, so I began scrolling through my old photos and found this photo: I remember the exact day this was taken; I remember how I felt – I got the new pair…

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