My Visit to the White Sand Beach Seafood Restaurant

In today’s economy and especially in this pandemic where stay at home and restrictions are the order of the day, entertainment and going out are not a priority nor are they recommended. However, for one’s peace of mind, it is essential.

My husband and I are creatures of habit and we typically visit the same places, however, to celebrate a milestone, we wanted to try something new even though according to my husband, one cannot afford to be experimental when one wants to have a good time! We decided to visit, for the first time, the White Sands Beach Seafood Restaurant, and it was amazing. The food, the views, the staff, the chill factor was way up!… except for the road leading to the restaurant, it was an adventure in and of itself… a story for another time!

The restaurant, operating since 2016, is located in rocky point Clarendon offers an eclectic menu. Pasta, a crowd favourite, is served along with the usual suspects of shrimp, lobster, crab, fish, conch, jerk chicken (a staple for all Jamaican restaurants), and octopus. These can be curried, roasted, jerked, steamed, fried, or escovitch and served with sides like fried/steamed bammy, festivals, rice, and peas, mashed potato, or with plantain.

The ambiance was one of the chief contributors that made the entire experience as great as it was. The property is on the beachside with multiple thatch-covered gazebos that is ideal to enjoy the scenic views of the calm Caribbean Ocean. You can also see local fishermen returning from and going out to see.

If you are in the mood for an adventurous car ride and delicious food, White Sand Beach Seafood Restaurant is the place to be.

Hope you Enjoyed 🙂

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