Song of the Week Kiss by Prince

I love Prince. He has a certain kinda conviction that only a few persons can pull off. He is very interesting,…to say the least. He has a way about him… I mean; he wore heels and skinnies and he is not gay!… He is very talented and is the man behind a lot of my favorite songs. I am very intrigued by him and his obsession with purple. It is a nice color, but I don’t get it!… I guess I never will!

The song kiss has an epic video. It leaves nothing to the imagination and his abs, is just… ah… and that tank top… He pulled it off! The song, underneath his high pitch voice, is a very sexy song. It is the song you listen to when you just want to get in that head space, 😉 or when you want to be reminded that you don’t have to be a particular person, to be a particular person. The song is sexy, but it has an underlying meaning that I can relate to… be you, whatever that you are! And to never be afraid to get your inner self out, as long as you ‘act your age, and not your shoe size’ 🙂 …

Many people are not familiar with Prince and his body of work. This is your chance to change that… Here is the unforgettable… Prince! (*singing* ‘You don’t have to be cool to rule my world’…)

You are welcome! 🙂


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