The Sheath Dress

The Sheath dress is a type of dress that’s closely fitted to the body, its name is derived from its fit and silhouette. It is relatively unadorned, it usually fall on the knees or lower thighs. It has a straight, simple silhouette, defined waist and a skirt that fits snugly-either straight or pencil. A sheath dress elongates the body and suits just about every body type. It is very versatile and can be worn just about anywhere.

 This type of dress gives the wearer an elegant lady like look that is hard to mimic with other types of dresses. Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy Onassis is/were avid sheath dress wearers. They’re able to wear this type of dress to any event and never look dull or repetitive.

 A sheath, because it can be worn year-round, is a practical item to have in your wardrobe. A solid or multicolored sheath is perfect for the office, a business dinner, or even church. A lower cut more risqué sheath can be worn on a date, a girl’s night out, dinner with friends, or a banquet etc.

Here are a few ways to wear your sheath dress.



Sheath Dress w Blazer

A sheath dress is a perfect platform with which you can explore your fashion skills. A sheath layered with a blazer transforms your simple dress into a chic, stylish outfit. Layering should not be limited to blazers, explore, add a scarf or a cardigan to breathe new life into your sheath.



Belted Sheath

Adding a belt to any dress instantaneously transforms it. Belting ads definition and brings attention to and accentuate the waist giving the wearer the illusion of having the enviable hour glass silhouette.

 With Statement Shoe


Sheath with Statment Shoe

Any outfit can be made better with a statement shoe. A statement shoe is the focal point of the outfit, it should stand out, as such, other accessories should be mild and understated. A statement shoe gives the sheath dress a more edgy, glamorous look.



Printed Sheath

A printed sheath dress suits any body type, as it is perfect for disguising any problem area(s). When selecting a print, ensure that it is not too busy or over crowed. The accessories with which you pair this sheath, should be understated or non-existent. The dress should be the focal point, adding too much of or the wrong accessories my cause the outfit to look frumpy or way too busy.

With Bold Accessories


Sheath With Bright Accesories

As stated earlier, a sheath is a perfect canvas (because of its design and silhouette), as such a simple sheath, can be paired with bright bold accessories to add dimension and character to your outfit. It is advised that you choose a complimentary color or colors that enhance the dress instead of creating a messy tragedy.

However you decide to wear your Sheath, have fun with it!


 Hope You Enjoyed 🙂



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