My Visit to Mystic Mountain

Jamaica is beautiful and has beautiful attractions that most Jamaicans, unfortunately, don’t get a change to enjoy. Many of us spend almost every day working, many of us have not even traveled outside of the parish of our birth. ‘Vacation’ to many, is not a term/word that is used often or any at all.

Sad to say, I kinda’ fall into that category. I spend 90% of my time working, when I do get time off, I use it to catch up on things I didn’t get to do because I was working…it’s a cycle that I seriously need to change.

However, when I found out that Mystic Mountain was offering a deal to locals, of course I jumped at the idea. I have always wanted to visit, but kept pushing it back,…..who said 2020 was all bad!

So, without further ado, here is my visit (in photos) to the beautiful Mystic Mountain.  

The Entrance

The Sky Explorer

After entering the main lobby and check-in area, you have to travel on the ‘sky explorer’ to get to the actual park. Mystic Mountain utilize a cable transportation system for entry into the park. Visitors are able to enjoy scenic views of the beautiful Ocho Rios sea line. The view was breath taking.  

The Bobsled

The bobsled, in my opinion, is Mystic Mountain’s signature ride/attraction. It takes occupants down a 1000-meter track that travels what seemed like 100 km per hour. The ride is thrilling and scary at the same time. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this one is for you.  

The RaggaMuffin

The Ragga Muffin is a thrilling 5-minute roller coaster ride that bobs and weaves in midair allowing occupants to have a bird’s eye view of the entire park and the luscious mountain side.

The Anancy Web Rope Course

The Anancy web is Mystic Mountain’s newest attraction. It is an obstacle course, perched on the mountain side. It allows participants to attempt a myriad of courses that ranges from super easy to OMG scary. If you want to get your inner Lara Croft out, this is the attraction for you.

The Zip Line

I left the best for last. The zip line was everything! It’s fun, exhilarating and exciting. Participants are able to soar above and within the trees on a series of “zip line cables and pulleys”. Before the 45-minute ride starts, you are given safety gear and instructions. The zip line attendants are fun and make the sometimes-scary ride a bit more relaxing and exciting.

If you visit Mystic Mountain, the zip line is a must!

If its not clear from the photos, I had a wonderful time. If you were on the fence about visiting Mystic Mountain, get off! You will enjoy every moment

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