DIY: Transform a Skirt into a Strapless Peplum Blouse


I love clothes. I love finding unique pieces that are cute and versatile. However, in this economic climate, sustaining my love of tea length skirts and peplum blouses is not top ten on my monthly budget. I, like most fashionistas-in-the-making, are on a tight budget. With this hurdle, I have to either do without my retail fix, or find new cheap ways of making it happen. The answer… DIY!

Yes, honey (in my Tamar voice), DIY is here to the rescue! I thank God for the day Pinterest was created. There are so many DIY projects just waiting to be attempted. I am not particularly crafty, but I am good with my hands, and I love turning things I envision into reality. I haven’t really attempted a project of this nature before. I was anxiously excited.

I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out, but I tried. And I loved the result, you will too with a little effort and patience. If I did it, so can you! Here are the steps:

Step # 1–Select the right Skirt

Select a skirt that is at least 1 ½ times the size of your breast. The skirt you choose must also be long enough to make the frilly peplum ends. The skirt fabric should be one that would not unravel when cut. I chose polyester – cotton blend fabric.


 Step # 2–Remove waist and zipper from Skirt

I chose a skirt with an elastic waist, so there was no hassle removing the waist. If you have another type of difficult-to-remove-waist in your skirt, simply cut off the waist completely. After removing the waist, remove the zipper gently. Keep the zipper; you may reuse it.


This should be the result:



Step # 3–Cut the Bodice and bottom of Peplum

Cut the fabric in two halves–One for the bodice and the other for the peplum. To get a snug fit, ensure that you do an accurate measurement of your bust.



Measure your bust and add 2 inches on each side (back & front) for the zipper and other adjustments. Ensure that the bodice stops at the navel. To cut the bottom part of the peplum blouse, get a similar peplum blouse; trace the peplum on your cut fabric, cut as accurately as possible. Your finished product should look like a semi-circle when folded, and a full circle with a little circle in the middle when opened.


Step # 4–Add Zipper and Darts to bodice

Use the top half of the skirt for the bodice, iron out all previous hems. Cut the fabric at the seams, one for the front of the blouse and the other for the back. Cut the back part in half to make room for the zipper. Here is a great zipper tutorial.



The zipper should face down. This makes it easier to put on and off. After adding the zipper, join both pieces of fabric.



Fold the fabric about half inch for the facing, iron the fold to ensure accuracy. Hem the facing.


 Try on the bodice to ensure that everything is in order. If it fits snugly, add the peplum. If not, add darts to give a better fit. Here is a great dart tutorial.

Step # 5: Connect Peplum to Bodice


 Turn the bodice and peplum inside out. Sew the peplum to the base of the bodice. Ensure that the stitch that you use is secure enough to prevent separation of the top and bottom pieces. Cut the peplum at one seam (you should have two semi-circles connected at one end). Start sewing one side of the peplum to the bodice where the zipper starts. Leave about an inch for hemming. Sew until the peplum is completely connected. An opening should be at the back of the blouse to facilitate the zipper.

Step # 6: Enjoy Your New Creation


I love this piece, not only because I sew it by hand but because it is very cute and goes it almost everything.

I absolutely love my new strapless peplum blouse. I paired it with black jean, flip-flops, red nails, and a pop of shimmer with my silver necklace and silver hoops (not visible).


Black and White is very versatile. It can be paired with a black pencil skirt and heels, red skirt or red jeans, yellow, basically any color you can think of.

I hope your peplum blouse turned out as great as mine did!

 Hope You Enjoyed 🙂



2 responses to “DIY: Transform a Skirt into a Strapless Peplum Blouse”

  1. Lol… i have no intention of making your ” Strapless Peplum Blouse” but i Loooovvveee the way it looks on you! Looking fabulous!!!!


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