Never Apologize For Who You Are!

I am peculiar, I am particular about what I do, and with whom I do it. I don’t leave things to chance, I plan the hell out of everything, I don’t practice lying, I don’t pretend to be someone I am not. I don’t do things the way everyone else does it. I am reserved but I have a very strong personality, I don’t sway easily, when I make a choice or a decision I stick with it, come hell or high water – some persons think I shouldn’t be the way I am.

It hurts to know that people want you to change, it hurts to know that you are not accepted for the person you truly are. Honestly, sometimes I find myself wanting to modify my personality to be liked by people who think I am too this, or too that. Sometimes I find myself wanting to fit in and be like everyone else; after all it is innate human nature to be accepted and liked by one’s peers…but, I was reminded of something, never EVER let anyone dictate who you are or who you choose to be.

The little things that make up your character are that way for a reason, God made you the way He wanted. If he wanted all of us to be the same, he wouldn’t have made us so differently. I realized that the people who want you to change are the same people who wished they were like you. They wish they were as calm, collected and fabulous as you are. I was reminded that I should always be strong and proud of the person I am, I have to accept myself whether or not anyone else does. People will be people; people will talk and criticize, whether you do bad or good! You start to lose yourself the moment you give those persons power, the moment you start to entertain people’s opinion of you.

Be who you are… to hell with everyone else!

Hope you Enjoyed 🙂

3 thoughts

  1. I like your perspective! At times we indeed forget that we are who are for various reasons and we try to be like someone else for a particular reason.


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