Be Inspired: Do Things Your Way!

Many people are in a bad place, esp with today’s terrible economy. Dreams coming through the traditional way are very uncertain and highly unlikely. I, like many, was a perfect student. I did what I was told; I followed the rules. I never rebelled, I hardly disobeyed my mom, I went to college and got a degree; I work hard; I am not lazy and unafraid to do what I can to accomplish what I want….Having followed the set path, my desired outcome should have been guaranteed, shouldn’t it? I should, having completed university, got a good job, fall in love, get married, have two kids, work on my body and go back to my pre-baby weight; live a great life with my adoring husband and my loving well behaved kids!…

That was what I was told. Follow the rules and you will have a good life… Well it doesn’t happen like that… AT ALL!!…. 😦

In today’s society, success is measured and accomplished differently. People no longer only get rich or have success by following the rules by going to college etc… People follow their dreams and their hearts and create the life they want, their way. They create their own success and do things the way they want… with no rules!… at least not the traditional ones… With geniuses like Mark Zuckerberg and the talented Beyonce, they didn’t go the traditional route and yet; they have tremendous success. Mark is a billionaire, and he dropped out of college. Beyonce never went to college and we all know her success.

So, what are the rule followers and good girls and boys of today to do? Should they give up the traditional route and do what a Beyonce and Mark did? Should we follow our own rules and ditch tradition? Or should we hold out and hope for better?…

Well, I have concluded that we all need an education; education is very important and is sometimes the door opener for many. But, and this is a BIG BUT, don’t expect success to come the traditional way, be prepared to do things differently. Use education as a stepping stone, and a back-up plan. Go open that eatery you were dying to have, create that website that focuses on the different snails… be prepared to change your journey to accomplish the things you want, be prepared to work hard. Find your passion and make a business out of it… and always remember,…

Life is NOT a remote, you have to get up and change it yourself!


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