Song of the Week: Gorrilla by Bruno Mars

I Loveeeeee me some Bruno Mars! He can do no wrong! I love how he mixes Motown vibe in his songs, they have a classic easy relatable feel. Bruno Mars is not one of those artist that  follow a script, he doesn’t do a song or video with treatments that are current just for the sake of staying current. His songs and some of his videos represent him as a musician, they have its own vibe that many can bounce to…

Ready?!…Here it is!….

This particular video is interesting, I don’t think I have seen such a highly sexed up video from Bruno, its kinda different from his typical videos. The video’s female lead is Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), she is wild! 🙂 I’m not sure I have seen her in such a role before, but she owned it, and she looked FABULOUS! The song, in my opinion is better than the video, when I heard the song, I didn’t envision the video looking like this…but then again, the song did say that they will be “making love like gorillas”! :)…

…However wild and different from Burno’s typical videos, it is HOT! Music is about evolving after all, so I’m not mad at him at all!…All in all…I LOVED it! ….

What do you think, are you feeling Gorilla?

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