Song of the Week: In Case by Demi Lovato

Happiness, sadness, anger, love, hate, fulfillment and disappointment are some of the beautiful and painful things that make up relationships, relationships that we treasure and hope will never fade. But unfortunately relationships are tumultuous, its failure more guaranteed than its success… when a relationship end, we sometimes hold on to the chance, the smallest glimmer of hope that one day, it will be mended, we hold on to hope… just in case…

‘In Case’ sums it all up perfectly. It talks about holding out and hoping just in case that special someone finds their way back. I love this song as it is soft and emotional. It can easily be a classic. Demi Lovato has a powerhouse voice, and she sounds fabulous on this record. She is fast becoming the Christina Aguilera of this generation… I love how she sings, how she puts her soul in every word she is saying.

If you are going through a rough patch or you lost your love and are having faith that he/she may come back, take a listen….Here is Demi…

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