What to Wear: Spring Essentials

Spring is upon us, we can say a hello to warm temperature, beautiful sunrise/sunset and a big goodbye to chilly nights and even colder days. Spring brings much fun, warmth and the chance to whip out those skimpier clothes. It is the time when a good pedicure and a skin-kist skin are in. Wondering what to rock or how to celebrate the season perfect for weddings and romantic sunset walks?… Continue reading…

Crop Tops

Crop tops have been in for a few seasons now and will be in seasons to come. It is a dynamic, fun way to mix up your look. Crop tops are versatile and come in a myriad of colors and styles and can be worn to basically anything, be it a party, a visit to the beach or even a formal dinner. Crop tops suits almost all body types and can be paired with tea length skirts, cut off sorts, pencil skirts, jeans, just about everything.

Sun Dresses

Sun dresses (made popular by Lilly Pulitzer in the 60s) are spring and summer staples. It is as necessary as the skinny jean. A sun dress brings out a woman’s femininity and makes you look flirty, cool and comfortable. You can never go wrong with a sundress, as it suits all body types and is available in various colors and styles. It is perfect for evening strolls, an afternoon date, for a visit to the beach or just to hang out with friends.


Rompers are, in my view, a remix to the classic jumper. A romper is like the sun dress as it is easy to wear, fun and flirty. A romper, unlike the sun dress, is more versatile in that it can be worn to almost anything. A romper can be worn to a dinner (if done correctly) a party, a day at the beach, a date, to hang out with friends, just about anywhere.

Colored Jeans

Jeans, be it skinny, boyfriend or baggy, are always in. A jean is that dynamic, versatile piece of garment a girl cannot live without. Jeans can be worn to anything, anytime. For spring, however, the colored jeans are more suitable as they are fun and vibrant and give an easy breezy feel that is synonymous with and essential for spring.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are fast becoming popular. It appeared first in 1968 and has become a spring/summer staple. It is a little more formal than a sun dress. It is still categorized as informal/casual, but depending on the design, it can be worn formally. A maxi dress differs from a sun dress because a maxi dress is typically long and a sun dress isn’t. Maxi dresses add a cool, easy yet sophisticated air that is essential for those spring escapades we hope to have ;). A maxi dress is very versatile as it comes in a myriad of colors and patterns; it looks good on basically anyone.

Regardless of your choice of attire this spring, make sure that you have a warm time – pun intended 🙂

 Hope you Enjoyed 🙂

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