Song of the Week: Love and War by Tamar Braxton

I LOVEEE this song. It is one of those classic love songs. It will be ‘in’ no matter what year it is; the message is timeless and applies to everyone in a relationship, marriage or other. It deals with relationships and the fact that it is a combination of love and war. Sometimes people throw punches (figuratively) and say very hurtful things, and sometimes it is peaceful, wonderful and blissful…

I was never a Tamar fan; I just thought she was a Toni Braxton knock-off (I love Toni). I never really gave her a second thought. Then I heard this song. I was immediately blown away by the vocal strength and range of the singer, and the catchy, relatable lyrics. Upon hearing this song for the first time, I thought it was one of those other R& B singers… then I found out it was Tamar,… I immediately fell in love!

This song will have you jamming and thinking about your own relationship and whether it is all love, all war or a combination of both…

So, here is one of my new favorites,… Miss Tamar Braxton!

Hope you Enjoyed! 🙂

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