Song of the Week: Love and War by Tamar Braxton

I LOVEEE this song, it is one of those classic love songs. It will be ‘in’ no matter what year it is; the message is timeless and applies to everyone in a relationship, marriage or other. It deals with relationships and the fact that it is a combination of love and war, sometimes people throw punches (figuratively) and say very hurtful things, and sometimes it is peaceful, wonderful and blissful…

…I was never a Tamar fan; I just thought she was a Toni Braxton knock-off (I love Toni)…I never really gave her a second thought. Then I heard this song, I was immediately blown away by the vocal strength and range of the singer, and the catchy relatable lyrics. Upon hearing this song for the first time, I thought it was one of those other R& B singers… then I found out it was Tamar,…I immediately fell in love!

This song will have you jamming and thinking about your own relationship and whether or not it is all love, all war or a combination of both…

So, here is one of my new favorites,…Tamar Braxton!

Hope you Enjoyed! 🙂

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