Song of the Week: All of Me by John Legend

I am one of those women who have a dream wedding all planned, don’t judge! 🙂 … I have the dress, the venue, the cake, how I would do my hair, the bridal party colors and most importantly, what shoes I would want to wear!… I have already started picking out songs to add to my wedding day playlist; I leave nothing to chance 🙂 Music to me is very important; it creates the mood and helps to make a perfect day even more perfect.

My wedding day playlist so far has about 10 songs. The latest addition is All of Me by John Legend.

I love John Legend. I love his smooth delivery and his ability to let you drift away with his songs. John Legend has arguably one of the best voices in R&B today. He, to me, is like the modern day Marvin Gaye. He creates songs that are very emotional, sexy and romantic…

The song is dedicated to John’s wife Chrissy Teigen. It is very touching and romantic. It may bring a little tear, so watch with caution. I love this song because it is a great love song. It encapsulates everything one would want to say and hear…

So……..Here’s John!…




Hope You Enjoyed 🙂


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