My Favorite TV Shows

TV shows are the best! I love to watch them! I love the fact that the story develops and expands, unlike movies. There are many scenarios which allow the characters to grow and experience new things, and the audience is right there growing and experiencing it with them. TV shows are unfolding stories that are most times relatable. You can connect to the characters and the situations they go through, allowing you to see another point-of-view about a particular issue, of which you may not have thought about before.

TV shows do not always portray real-life scenarios, they sometimes portray the things we wish you could do, but really can’t. Some are salacious, spicy, dramatic and so very entertaining. The characters do things you only can imagine. The audience can only vicariously live out their wildest fantasies like sex on the beach, moonlight dinners, visit exotic locations, wear expensive clothes and delicious shoes or cursing out someone in the most dramatic way possible (Devious Maids anyone? :)) TV shows are very necessary for us to get through our not-so-exciting lives.

I’m an avid TV watcher so it’s very hard to narrow down my favorites, so I thought long and hard and compiled a list of shows that I know I cannot live without, shows that impact me on a deep level (sometimes too deep :)), bringing out a little tear, and sometimes a barrage of anger…

Ready?!… Here we go!


As its name suggests, Supernatural is a TV show that focuses on issues related to the supernatural. It follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who are hunters. They hunt just about everything, from vampires (not the glowing twilight ones), werewolf, ghosts, witches, leviathans and demons. In the show, Sam and Dean have to contend with being hunters, the burden that comes with saving the world and them not having families or any life outside hunting. Supernatural was first aired in September 2005; it is now one of the longest running series on TV. Over its eight years of existence, it never gets boring or predictable; it keeps you on your toes and entertained with every scene.

I love supernatural for many reasons. One, it’s a great show. It fuels my imagination and lets me get a first-hand glimpse at what it would be like if the world was overcome by monsters. Two, Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) is HOTTT! He makes dealing with blood-sucking vampires a lot more bearable. He is funny, quirky, cool and super handsome. He is the guy you which you were (if you were a guy) and the guy you want to, but know you should not date! 🙂

Game of Thrones

This show is the best! Where do I start?!… Ok, let’s start from the beginning… Game of thrones aw…from the first episode, it had you up in a knot… The first episode saw Jaime Lannister almost killing a Stark, Brandon Stark (The nerve of that bastard!)… let me rewind a little :)… Game of Thrones is a mythical, fantasy drama set in medieval times, in a land called Westeros. Westeros is divided into seven main kingdoms; Kingdom of the North, ruled by House Stark of Winterfell. Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale, ruled by House Arryn of the Eyrie. Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, ruled by House Hoare of castle Harrenhal. Kingdom of the Rock, ruled by House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Kingdom of the Stormlands, ruled by House Durrandon of Storm’s End. Kingdom of the Reach, ruled by House Gardener of High garden. Kingdom of Dorne, ruled by House Martell of Sunspear. All the kingdoms except Dorne fall under the Iron Throne after they were conquered and united by Aegon the conqueror. The King who sits on the Iron Throne and resides at Kings Landing, rule all six kingdoms.

Game of thrones is filled with politics, backstabbing, sex, betrayal, scheming, infidelity, dragons, war, devotion to one’s honor and family, white-walkers and so much more. It’s all in a bid to rule the Iron Throne. All the things stated above are the reasons I love this show so much. I love the scenery; it is filmed in exotic locations all over the world, including Northern Ireland, Morocco, Mata, Scotland and Iceland. Game of Thrones is riveting as you don’t know who will betray who next; it keeps you on your toes, one scheme and backbiting after the next. The show has gotten one of the most watched and talked about episodes on TV, ‘The Rains of Castamere’ aka ‘The Red Wedding’. Can I tell you, I was in awe, from scene to scene, I’m like, what the hell is happening?! It took me three days to get over it… (I’m not kidding). The Red Wedding was terrible, heartbreaking and extremely depressing and took me as a surprise… but, the one episode that got my stomach and all parts of me in a knot, was ‘Fire and Blood’. It was the episode where the little monster, Joffrey Baratheon beheaded Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark! When I saw the hangman holding up the sword, I’m like no, no, this is not happening, someone is going to stop it, something is going to happen, something is going to prevent Joffrey from doing this..but it didn’t happen!…my mouth was on the floor!…I couldn’t believe it, I was in SHOCK! I still have not recovered…

…’Fire and Blood’ although it was a pain, it was the episode that made me ‘rate’ Game of Thrones even more. The creators and writers are not afraid to go where no one has gone before. They are not afraid to kill of their most beloved and important characters. They make it happen, they make you watch! Even if it is in tears, awe, disbelief, or anger.


Scandal! The name says it all. I love this show; I love the ‘salaciousness’ and the fact that the characters will go to any extreme to cover up their dirty little secrets. Scandal centers on a crisis management specialist Olivia Pope and her journey to fix people’s problems even when she has many of her own. Olivia has a firm Pope and Associates aka Gladiators in suits; they do her biddings, however dirty and illegal. Scandal’s main couple is Olivia and the Fitz (the American President who is married). I love me some “Olitz”. I love their love, I love how she reacts to him, I love how she melts when she looks at him, I love to see the passion in their eyes, when they look at each other, it’s like, nothing else or no one else (including Millie, Fitz’s Wife :)) exist, they are in love, the real passionate kind… when I see him look at her I super impose myself in the scene, it is that addictive, it makes you want to have their love however wrong it is. When you watch, it makes you question everything, your values (why are you rooting for two people who are committing adultery), why you not wearing Olivia’s posh suits 🙂 or whether you would go to the extreme to protect/cover yourself.

Scandal is not very different from many shows on TV, it doesn’t employ skills and introduce characters that are new or unrelatable. It’s a normal show, but it grabs and holds on to you. It has so many OMG and WTF moments; it is honest, relatable, loveable, and so damn addictive.

The Big Bang Theory

I LOVE me some TBBT! It’s a must see show. It’s funny, witty and very entertaining. The Big Bang Theory is about four nerds, Sheldon (the neediest of all), Howard (the weird, freaky one) Raj (the funny one) and Leonard (the cute one & my favorite) who are best friends, and find their lives change when a pretty blonde (Penny) moves next door. The Big Bang Theory is the show you watch when you want a laugh and to learn something new (well, kinda). I can never understand some theories they talk about, the Einstein theory, string theory, etc. Mind you, I’m an idiot like penny, but it’s hard to get, the minute I think I get it, I’m like, what?, what the hell did he just say?! :)…

Raj’s inability to talk to women, well until the end of season 6, Howard’s interesting mother and Sheldon, oh Sheldon, in all his ‘weirdness’, makes for an interesting, entertaining, must-see show.

Sex and The City

Sex and the City is every girl’s best friend. It’s the modern day women’s guide to dating, shoes and living the single life in style. I have watched all the seasons, and the two movies:). From all that watching, I am able to vicariously live out some of my wildest fantasies, shoes and others ;). Sex and the City is about four friends, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York (my fav), it follows their journey from young women to grown women, documenting all their struggles, mistakes and challenges, as it relates to men, career, fashion and friendship. The show makes you wish for ride or die friends like Carrie has. No matter what she is going through, however happy or sad she is, her friends are always there for her and for each other.

I watch Sex and the City when I’m down and need to laugh and want to forget my problems or when I need to see some really beautiful shoes. It embodies experiences from almost every type of woman, whether she is traditional, girly and proper like Charlotte, fun and easygoing like Carrie, weird, quirky and in-your-head like Miranda or VERY wild and experimental like Samantha. Sex and the City will do it for you, no matter the type of person you are.

Although it is cancelled and ran up to 2004, the issues highlighted are still pertinent to today’s woman; it embodies and deals with the quintessential woman’s problem, whether it is about men, career, family, or friendship. The show is relatable. You can see yourself in some issues/situations that are dealt with. You feel relieved to know that other women are going through the same things you are going through, and it reminds you that you are not so crazy. Sex and the City is as the name suggests about sex, but it’s also about the woman, her challenges, shortcomings and her shoes ! 🙂

2 responses to “My Favorite TV Shows”

  1. first i must say good job and i am totally enjoying this blog..that out the way. i can say that i love your movie choices i would however add pretty little liars and switched at birth to the list ranking pll at number two.. like you i love sex and the city because its very fun to watch with my girlfriends..any who do keep up the good work and continue posting fun stuff.


    • Thanks sissy!…Im glad you enjoyed the post. I hope i do too, its very hard to balance my blog and work, but i have found a formula that works great!…I look forward to future comments from you…and dont be so selfish with this awesome blog, tell your friends :)…I like pretty little liars, i dont “love’ it, and i can do without it…:)…next time, ill add something i know you would like


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